For all you fans of dancing and clowns, it’s time to dig into the new teaser for IT Chapter Two. They went with a very interesting way to cut a trailer: it’s a good portion of an actual scene from the movie, not just quick cuts of a few action shots.

What we see is – at least for me – a chunk of one of the scariest parts of the entire IT story. Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain) has returned to her hometown of Derry, Maine. She has stopped by her old home, now inhabited by an old widow. I’ll let you watch the trailer (available further below) to see just what makes this scene so intensely terrifying.

We also get a good luck at the Losers Club as adults, along with a few deeply unsettling shots of Bill Skarsgård’s reprisal of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Get ready for the new movie by watching the 2017 predecessor film or by reading the novel, and watch the trailer to get on the hype train (or decide to run away from) the upcoming IT sequel:

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