HBO announced in 2018 that Watchmen would be joining their family, and now we finally have a chance to see what that looks like. With a creepy vibe, somewhat true to the franchise, the trailer features many people masked like Rorschach, new costumed vigilantes, and an ever-ticking clock.

The Howl is no stranger to this universe, you can check out our review of graphic novel here. We don’t know much about the series yet, but we do know that is a sequel to the original graphic novel. Jeremy Irons, Regina King and Tim Blake Nelson will be gracing our screens once the premiere drops. And you most definitely need to read the comic (or at least watch the 2009 film adaptation) before you watch the new show.

Below is the trailer. Enjoy getting a glimpse into the fresh take on the universe, and – if you’re the type – search for Easter eggs and clues!

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