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Sometimes you get a huge kick out of absurdist comedy. Thankfully, Scrubs packs in some majorly emotional sequences to balance out just how zany it can be. Right now I’m working my way through it (for the second or third time), and – while I’m seeing it from a new angle – I’m still enjoying it just as much as I did on my first watch-through.

Scrubs follows the lives of young doctors John Dorian (JD), Christopher Turk and Elliot Reed. Fresh into their internships at teaching hospital Sacred Heart, they have to put their medical school knowledge to the test and learn what it really means to be a doctor. The comedy is absurd and silly, with the protagonist JD constantly daydreaming (and we get to see just what goes on in his head). I say absurd, but it’s not a bad thing. The ridiculousness of the show is one of the things that makes it so enjoyable and endearing.

And did I mention the soundtrack? Zach Braff, who plays JD, has a real talent for picking great music for visual arts, and Scrubs is no different. It’s where I first discovered Colin Hay‘s solo work (who would have thought giving the lead singer of Men at Work an acoustic guitar would lead to such pleasant results?). As per the usual, below is a trailer to show you just what you’ll be getting into. It’s currently available for streaming on Hulu, but here’s the Just Watch page (just in case).

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Appears In: The Howl – Issue #4

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