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To celebrate the release of their new single “Rebel Girl”, I want to recommend one of my favorite albums of all time. Far and above one of their biggest projects, LOVE was a multimedia conceptual work that explored one of the most popular subjects in art: relationships. The idea is that our existence is defined by the connections we make.

The production on this album is incredible. It was the last AVA album that producer Jeff “Critter” Newell worked on for the band before his unfortunate passing. Each track flows seamlessly to the next one in a 102-minute stadium rock experience you can sink into. Some of it is fun, some of it is sweet, and some of it is sad. And the concept of love is discussed in its multiple definitions: romantic, fraternal, selfless, and even the love of a God.

The album, especially part one, feels like you’re in space. Appropriately so, as a few tracks serve as part of the soundtrack to the feature length film that was produced as part of the LOVE project. The film, if you’re interested, is about an astronaut on the International Space Station who loses contact with Earth. But that’s for another time.

Tracks to Try: the bangin’ “Young London”, the light and airy “The Moon-Atomic”, the epic “Saturday Love”, and the biblical “Behold a Pale Horse.”

Check out a personal favorite, “Surrender”, below:

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Appears In: The Howl – Issue #2

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