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I’m not sure I would have ever wanted an outrun Afro Samurai style Shadow of the Colossus had someone not created it. But they did, and so I wanted it. Furi was designed around the feeling of boxing: the tension of walking into your next fight, your cornerman giving you advice as you prepare to face off against your equal, or your better.

I blew through this game in a matter of just two weeks, and I enjoyed every moment. You play as a prisoner who has broken out of his captivity, and is fighting through a series of guards. Much like Shadow of the Colossus, the game is made up of only two types of sequences: fighting a boss, and walking to the next boss.

The art style is very cool here. The fights are long, strategic, fast-paced and complex. Bullet-hell phases require you to dodge and weave all over the arena while simultaneously attempting to weaken your duel opponent using your long-range weapon. Once you do so, the fight becomes up close and personal, where you are dodging, parrying and fighting the guard with our electric-looking neon sword.

It’s digestible, the combat is tight and satisfying, and the world is intriguing. I can’t recommend Furi enough, just don’t shoot the messenger when I tell you these fights won’t be a walk in the park! And did I mention the characters were designed by the creator of Afro Samurai? For a full review, you can check out the one I wrote for Doctors of Gaming recently. Trailer below:

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Appears In: The Howl – Issue #1

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