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The Howl, a Red Husky Media project, is a cross-over between a bi-weekly newsletter – filled with curated entertainment options – and a catalog of Bite-Sized Reviews. This publication that shares recommendations on video games, music, movies, podcasts and more. Subscribe below if you want every new issue sent right to your inbox! Otherwise, head over to the collection of reviews or our News section to discover something new!


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1806, 2019

Issue #7: Art from Japan

We're going to switch up the cadence a little bit, at least for the time being! Now that we're up and going, bi-weekly issues seem to be the current best fit! We've [...]

506, 2019

Issue #6: Light the Wick

Sorry I'm late, but it's been a little crazy! I'll make it up to you with some fun recommendations, though! Let's start out with a film rec from contributor Ryan Kerr, The [...]

2405, 2019

Issue #5: Something New

I couldn't be more excited to include a recommendation from a contributor for the first time in the history of The Howl. Ryan Kerr was gracious enough to write up a recommendation [...]

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